What is the benefit of youtube subscription counter?

live subscriber count

Starting a youtube channel to market your business, product, service or talent is a great way to build social equity. Once you build an army of subscribers on youtube, the audience will be attuned to whatever videos you share next and you can use this to your advantage. In less than one year you can accumulate a million subscribers to your youtube channel. Think about that for a minute and try to comprehend the magnitude of that kind of marketing power. If you have a million people subscribed to your channel and you post a new video, you will likely have 100,000 views instantly. If you package a message into the video about your business, product, service or talent, you will become a web sensation and make a living at the same time. There are many stars on youtube that are making a full time living from youtube alone but there are also many people who are making a living from their youtube earnings as well as the earnings from other income related to their youtube channel.

You can earn money from the youtube partner program when Google ads appear in your videos and to the side of your videos. You can also earn money by placing links on your site for viewers to click on so they can visit your other business sites. A great way to get traffic to your channel is through article marketing. You can also build up a base of subscribers by having a twitter account and building a following. However, the fastest way to build up a base of subscribers on real-time YouTube subs is to have good content. Your videos will only go viral if you wow your audience.

The last thing I want to talk about is a channel listing. If you had multiple business accounts, or different youtube accounts for different marketing campaigns you could tie them together with the channels module. This allows you to list other channels on your channel. This is great, because then when someone subscribes to one of your channels youtube will automatically ask them if they would like to subscribe to all of your listed channels in this module! With article marketing, you can write articles about a particular topic and submit them to the article directories. You will want to link to your free eBook page where others can download and read it. You will want to include a short blurb that others can pass it around freely – and not modify its contents. In your free eBook, you should include links to your youtube videos so that you can get traffic to them, and build your youtube channel subscribers.