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There is just a camcorder a portmanteau word produced by mixing ‘Camera’ and a recorder’. A camcorder is just videocassette recorder and a portable TV camera. It is an electric device for saving audio and video pictures onto a storage device. It contains camera and camera in a single unit. The camcorders usually include cameras. A camcorder having electronic technology or camera is called digital camcorder. There is having DVD service a camcorder DVD camcorder. There is a camcorder driven having a camcorder battery. Sony launched the initial camcorder in 1983, accompanied by Kodak in 1984. The initial cameras combined the video camera having an active full size VHS/Betamax recorder. These cameras were significant products that needed a strong tripod or powerful shoulders to support the mass of the camera. Nearly all they were created for right handed operation, except several that held ambidextrous ergonomics.

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Sony launched the initial Handy Cam camcorder in 1984. The Handy Cam run and might be kept solely inside the palm of the owners hand, permitted from the 8mm video format. Imager, the contact, and camera would be a camcorder’s three main aspects. The lens focuses and collects light around the imager. The imager often a CCD cost-coupled system or CMOS sensor IC on modern cameras; earlier cases frequently used Videocon tubes changes incident light into an electric video signal. The camera encodes the video signal in to a storable form. Imager and the optics are generally known as the camera section. The recent years are seeing an excellent revolution within the cameras. The cameras with ultra-modern technology have been in the marketplace. The popular consumer market prefers ease of lightweight cheap camcorders use and discount cameras.

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