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Invest some energy in a nursing home and you will run over two extremely broad sorts of elderly individuals: ones who are as yet upbeat and other people who are as yet hopeless. In the event that you tune in to their stories, both sets have had what’s coming to them of life tragedies, medical issues, loss of friends and family, wars, disillusionments, and victories. Erik Erikson characterizes the remainder of his eight psychosocial advancement organize as Integrity versus Lose hope which starts around age sixty-five till death. The result of the past seven phases sets the standard for this last stage in life as a man who has advanced well in past stages will in all likelihood ends well. At the point when a man ages, their capacity to direct considerations, sentiments and feelings decreases so great propensities that were shaped before have a tendency to stay, for example, eating right, practice and legitimate rest. Be that as it may, if a man’s life was loaded with negative propensities, for example, smoking, tension, and restricted movement these propensities have a tendency to end up distinctly more overstated with age and

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The finish of an existence brings a characteristic time of reflection particularly on the off chance that you are does not work anymore or dynamic in an association. A feeling of what I do doesn’t make a difference any longer sets in as my identity accordingly of what I have done turns into the more grounded reality. The individuals who can consider their life and feel a feeling of achievement end their existence with respectability. Instead of the individuals who think about their life and feel a feeling of disappointment end their existence with despondency. Honesty is the capacity to think back on your life and discover fulfillment, satisfaction, acknowledgment of both triumphs and disappointments, and pride in an existence all around lived. The result of honesty is knowledge in having lived well and with it comes a characteristic craving to impart picked up insight to more youthful grown-ups and kids. The senior grown-up who has picked up respectability appreciates the lives of their relatives, is dynamic in their group or church, and has an assortment of side interests they appreciate, is proactive in physically looking after themselves and doesn’t get furious over new confinements because of age, health, and diminished subjective capacities. Many societies outside of the U.S.A. esteem the elderly and regard them for such picked up knowledge and understanding in numerous aspects of their life.