Comparing the features of Samsung galaxy s9

In this article I will give an overview and comparison of the Samsung galaxy s9 and the galaxy r. On the surface, much looks the same on these phones, but there are some more differences than you think. Appearance wise, the two are almost identical, sharing the identical shape and color scheme. They both have the identical android shortcut keys at the bottom of the screen. The handsets are the identical size give or take a fraction of a millimeter, although the galaxy s9 has a slightly bigger screen. This is accomplished with less spec bordering the display between the display and the edge of the handset. The screen on both versions has the identical resolution of 480x 800, but the display technology differs. The Samsung galaxy r employs a sc-led capacitive touch screen whereas that on the galaxy s9 is a super amole display, which provides better color saturation, viewing angles and enhanced battery life.

Galaxy S9

The camera is another area where both handsets differ greatly. The galaxy s9 is the better of the two as a camera phone, thanks to an 8 megapixel camera that comes with many features like autofocus, smile & face detection, image stabilization and led flash. The galaxy r has a slightly less strong 5 megapixel unit, and though it includes some of the picture enhancing features found on the s9, it lacks the face detection, touch focus and image stabilization applications. When it comes to shooting video, theĀ Galaxy S9 naturally outdoes the galaxy r, with 1080p full had compared to the 720p attained from the latter. Processing power is another area in which the galaxy s9 offers slightly more than the galaxy r. The galaxy r includes a 1 GHz dual-core chip, whereas the galaxy s9 has a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. Unless you are a Smartphone enthusiast, you are not likely to see the difference between the two in terms of operation. The galaxy r has ample processing power to provide great performance when multitasking and carrying out everyday tasks.

Apart from what I have listed above, there are not that many more differences between the two handsets. Both have the newest gingerbread variant of this popular android operating system, allowing users to navigate thousands and thousands of programs from the android market. Unless you are a Smartphone enthusiast, you are not likely to be swayed by the marginally superior specifications of the galaxy s9, as you will invariably pay more for them. If you are searching for a good all rounder, you cannot go much wrong with the likes of the Samsung galaxy r. Though the galaxy s9 is the manufacturer’s latest flagship Smartphone, consider this. If the galaxy r was available just a year ago, it would have been the most effective Smartphone available at the moment.